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We provide a full building maintenance and general repairs service, covering:

Stippling:-This is one of the simpler techniques. It creates an attractive all over texture that can be given added depth when two glaze colours are used. It softens colours to blend with furnishings and can be used on walls, woodwork or furniture.
Colour Washing:- gives a mottled, hazy look to a wall. Once again, it can give a pleasing 'countrified' feel to a room, and depending on your choice of colour combinations you can make an unlit or north facing room look bright and spacious, whilst making a sunny room more tranquil. Using a wide paintbrush, just make overlapping sweeps of paint across the wall.
Sponging:- is the best known and most versatile paint effect, giving an all- over impression of random patterns of colour. It can create a delicate, gentle feel when a muted combination of colours are used, or a more striking, '3-dimensional' effect when layers of 2 or more co-ordinated shades are used. Sponging provides fast and highly effective results. This finish can be used to 'hide' blemishes on a wall surface as well as blending-in potentially intrusive fixtures such as radiators and pipes.
Ragging:- Ragging, or ragrolling, creates a lively flow of textured colour. It is best kept to softer colour combinations, where the glaze is a slightly deeper tone of the groundcoat colour. This is a stylish, imaginative way of producing a soft, yet highly patterned design. It can add drama and interesl to rooms with plain carpets or fabric and cover up poor wall textures. Ragging is simply a matter of dabbing a rag randomly onto the surface to create an even texture, and can be done with darker shades onto a light base.

Marbling:- This technique requires traditional skills and is usually reserved for small areas that are focal points, such as fireplaces, or in bathrooms. Choose from a variety of coloured marbles for inspiration; white is the most common colour but greens and purples can also be found.

Woodgraining - dragging, combing.

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